DIY Mini Dried Flower Wreath Tutorial

Hey friends! If you received one of our mini DIY dried wreath kits in your Best of the City Box, here are some tips on how to put it together. 

In your bag there is a wooden hoop, a few pieces of dried flowers and a hook. You will need glue, preferably hot glue, to assemble. 

First you will add your filler flower to your wreath. You can decide if you'd prefer all your flowers centered on one side, on both sides or all around. Do whatever you think will look best. In this tutorial the dried flowers will gravitate to one side. 

Next, add one of your accents. We added the northern sea oat next to the piece of baby's breath. 


In this next step, we are putting our other accent, a piece of statice opposite of the sea oat to create some balance. Again, you can do whatever is most pleasing to your eye, this only serves as an example. 


Save your focal flower, in this case a spray rose, for last. This will cover up your glue and where the other pieces connect. 

All you have left to do is add the hook. 

And display as an ornament or a mini wreath wherever it can be admired! This will also make for a cute gift or great stocking stuffer.


Happy Holidays! We hope you will come visit us at our new storefront, Daisy Jane's Flower Bar at 772 E McMillan in Walnut Hills. We offer classes and DIY kits like this one, as well as gifts, full service & DIY weddings and a build your own bouquet flower bar!