Erika Holt

When she's not driving Pearl around town you can probably count on finding Erika at home snuggled up with a book and her little bean named Butter (the cat who once went viral on the Tik Toks).
Prior to joining our team, Erika was schooling 5th graders in Indiana. You've probably received a beautiful bundle of blooms from this beautiful soul as she rides around town vibing to the latest T-Swift album while rockin' a cardigan.
When she's not up to no good trying to scare the pants off of one of us at the Flower Bar, her hands are busy crankin' out your sweet messages with her fine calligraphy skills. She's an old soul who enjoys crocheting and crafting.
A movie marathon with her includes embarking on a quest through the wizarding world of Harry Potter.
Erika-isms: "Staaaaahhhhp!" | Random outbursts of Twerking like Tina Belcher | Belting out whatever is playing over the speaker