Megan Moore

A.K.A. Meg or MayMay
When she's not having an all out dance party for no reason at can find her driving Daisy around town or making up something pretty for you at the Flower Bar. She kicked off this whole thing back in 2018 after taking a drive up to Michigan to bring home what would soon become Cincinnati's first flower truck.
Before she got into the flower game she was out telling stories as a TV news reporter most recently for Local 12. After more than 6 years in broadcasting she put away her reporting hat to pursue a dream of owning her own biz. She wasn't prepared for the rollercoaster ride that the pandemic created for entrepreneurs but she's grateful to be in the biz of bringing joy to her community through the darkest of times.
Tik tok is the creative outlet she didn't know she needed in her life and she's always dreaming up and talking her friends into partaking in the shenanigans.
She hopes to one day moonlight as a DJ and share her love for all the good jams. If you ever run into her at the shop or truck be prepared for at least a full on 30 minute conversation about who knows what...she hasn't quite figured out how to turn off the reporter switch...but for real she genuinely loves asking questions and learning about your story.
Megan-isms: "Daaaaaaang!" | "Whaaaaaaaaat!| Bursting out in a loud laughing frenzy | Constantly trying to complete 5,000 tasks at once...Thank you, ADHD :)