Sam Meece

A.K.A Grown Up Punky Brewster 
Probably in a flower cooler somewhere vibin' with blooms, passionately shouting, "Liiiiiisten! I'm reaaaaally into this!"
You want a bomb ass arrangement?...bouquet?...full-scale archway?...she'll make one for you "right now!"
For real, for real. She's an OG flower artist who can tackle any flower dream you throw at her just as you'd expect from a designer with over a decade's worth of flower slingin' under her fanny pack.
Sam also wants me to say something about plants here. She may currently have 50. Well, she says over 50. Who's counting? She is.
Oh, and she also has two human children she loves and adores. Ramona and Beezus :)
Sam-isms: "Liiiiiiisten!" | "I'm reallllly into this!" | "OOOOOOOOOHHH!" | "Waffle stomp" |