A Dream & A Mission

After a little more than 6 years in broadcasting I hung up my reporter hat to chase another dream. The dream of owning my own business. A dream I carried with me since my days as a budding broadcast journalist. 
Standing in the Habitat Restore in Traverse City, MI (my first TV market), I couldn’t take my eyes off of this door. I admired its mint color and its big glass window.
It looked like a door that should belong on a cozy storefront. One I hoped to own one day. I truly believed I would because I bought that door and I carried it with me everywhere we lived. From Traverse City, MI to Lexington, KY to my hometown of Cincinnati, OH. 
Traverse City is where my admiration for small business owners grew. I had the opportunity to meet and tell the stories of several small business owners while I was there. I knew then that some day I wanted to be among them. I see it as an incredible way to serve your community. It must be so gratifying to watch something you created grow. I’ve also met countless small business owners here in the Queen City and they’ve all inspired me to take the leap. 
After several years in news I covered a lot of tough stories. I saw a lot of people on some of the worst days of their lives. Stories that broke your heart. My experience in news motivated me to want to find a way to do more. With all of the negativity we see day to day I believed we needed more positive forces in this world. I hope this flower truck exemplifies just that. A symbol of joy in Cincinnati. 

My heart was focused on finding a way to make a difference. What I came to realize is that it doesn’t have to be on a grand scale. I believe it’s the little things that change hearts and can change the course of someone’s day. Small intentional gestures matter. Showing someone that you see them. Showing them that they are thought of, I believe goes a long way. 

I promise you beautiful flowers from Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck, but that’s just the beginning.
When you buy flowers from our trucks I want you to see it as an invitation.
An opportunity for you to tell someone you see them. You care about them. You love them. 
If everyone did that for someone else imagine how different the world would look.
This life is too short and tomorrow is not promised. I saw that time and time again in my career as a journalist.
I hope I can give you an opportunity to create more meaningful moments in your life. 
I also hope that Daisy Jane will serve as a reminder to shine your bright light wherever you go. You never know who is watching and who may be inspired to do the same.
May your kindness be contagious.