Our Story

It all started with a 1965 Ford Econoline truck and now the fleet has expanded with the addition of a 1961 Ford Econoline truck and a storefront in Walnut Hills.
In 2018, owner and founder, Megan Moore was feeling burned out in her career as a TV news reporter. In her more than 6 years in the news business, she learned quickly that tomorrow is not promised. Dreams are meant to be chased, they're not meant to sit on a shelf in a box marked "some day"...collecting dust. Nearing the end of her contract at Local 12 News in Cincinnati, she decided to take the leap.
A month before her contract was up in 2018, she drove up to Michigan in hopes that she would be coming back with a 1965 Ford Econoline truck to start what would become Cincinnati's Original Flower Truck. The dream of spreading joy in her hometown became a reality and soon she would add a second truck to her fleet.
In February of 2020, Megan purchased, Pearl, a 1961 Ford Econoline and one month later the world shut down. Megan, along with several business owners feared what the Covid 19 pandemic would mean for the dream they built. She was grateful that her community turned to showering their friends and loved ones with flowers when it was unsafe to visit them in person. Building bouquets at the flower truck became a form of self care for many, an activity they felt they could safely do outside to bring themselves some joy through such a dark time.
Over time, demand for wedding and event flowers grew and Sam Meece joined the Daisy Jane team with her more than 10 years of floral design experience.
Together, Sam and Megan opened Daisy Jane's Flower Bar in December 2020 in the beautiful community of Walnut Hills.
A space where customers can come to learn and create to their heart's content...whether it be building bouquets, succulent gardens, dried arrangements or learning new skills through classes.
In 2021, Megan's cousin, Erika Holt, retired from her career as a teacher to join the team and operate Pearl, the second flower truck in the Daisy Jane fleet. Megan never could have imagined that her dream of spreading joy with one poppy red flower truck would grow into what it is today.
We are grateful to all of our friends and loyal customers who have continued to support this dream. We look forward to seeing where this adventure takes us next!