Our Mission

As a former reporter I know the grammar police are going to arrest me for this. This one’s going on my permanent record. I’m starting sentences with...because.
Let me explain. 
When you stop by Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck and take in the sweet smell and lovely details at the end of each stem I want you to be thinking about something.


Consider the 5 W’s that were drilled into my head as a budding reporter. 
When? Now.
What? A bouquet of beautiful flowers. Duh! 
Where? Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck. 
Now to the two most important W’s. Who? Why? 
Who are these for? 
Really, the most important thing I want you to be focusing on is...why? 
As that begins to unfold in your brain I want you to take pen to paper. 
Don’t worry I’ll have some you can borrow...or punch it out on the timeless typewriter. 
Whoever will be so lucky to get that lovely arrangement, I want them to know why. Why did you take the time to hand-select the bouquet they’re holding in their hands? I don’t mean the shallow, surface level, meh kinda why. Not “Just because.”
I want you to really give it some thought.
Because...I know you have had a really tough week and I want you to know that I see you and I am here for you whenever you need to talk. 
Because...You are such an incredible wife and I know I don’t tell you enough just how much I appreciate all of your hard work and how you love me and our kids. 
Because...I know that was a really stupid argument last night and I am sorry I just couldn’t let it go. Our relationship/friendship matters more to me than winning a fight. 
Because...I see that you are hurting and sometimes I don’t have the right words to say. I just want you to know that I love you. I am here for you and I hope you know I care about you. 
Because...I know you are really bummed that you didn’t get that dream job you were hoping for and I just want you to know that while you are upset, that is not a measure of your worth. 
Because...I know we have harbored a lot of hard feelings toward each other and this is my way of saying I am sorry and I hope we can work toward rebuilding this relationship. 
Because...I am so grateful to have a friend in my life who just gets me. 
Because...I am so incredibly proud of how far you have come and I want you to know that your accomplishments do not go unnoticed. You’re kicking butt and you deserve all the recognition. 
Because...Today stinks and I hope these make it smell better. 
You catch my drift? If there is one favor you could do me it is that you truly give some thought to your “Because”.
Because that is my hope for Daisy Jane. That she is more than just a flower truck. When you see her you see an opportunity to be intentional.
May the flowers serve not just as a beautiful arrangement that brightens a space. May it be a reflection of your thoughtfulness each time they look at them. A reminder to them of a truth about themselves. 
Think of all the times we think nice things about people, but never get up the courage to say it. This is one heck of a beautiful opportunity. With flowers in hand go love out loud! Because it matters. 
Oh...and while you’re at it share your reason with #DaisyJane. Share that bright light and love with the rest of the world!